JNutrix is a Java language application. You can search and find more then 130 nutrient values, if they are recorded, of over 5400 foods usually found on the Canadian market ( or 7200+ foods for the U.S.A. version ). The utilization is quite trivial and make use of the mouse except for entering the name of the food. The name of the food can be search for by entering the first characters or a few sets of characters separated by spaces. Once the food is found and its quantity fixed, the food can be cumulate to form a meal. A report can then be print.

The nutrients can be sorted by clicking on the column header. You also can research which foods contain up to three specific nutrients.

The USA version use the latest database:  USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 19 (2006).  It don't  include the recommended values for the nutrients, because of a copyright issue.

The Canadian version of the program has a French or English interface as well as a bilingual database, to the user to choose. The binaries include the recommended values by Canada Health for some nutrients.

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