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You can search for foods and find theirs nutrient values (130), if they are recorded (Over 5400 foods usually found on the Canadian market

JNutrix latest version:

Download: (Canada)
Please note: the database is included only with the binary distribution.

Pre-required: java 1.5 or newer  (5.0 or newer)
Download: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0

News  (September 2007)
The user can add is own recommendations for each quantities of nutrients on a daily basic.
The program now use the new 2007 database from Health Canada.  (February 27th 2007)
Comparison of the nutrients values of a food/meal with the values recommended by Health Canada.
Filtering base on the foods groups (Canada Food Guide or Health Canada). Search of the foods for their nutrients contents.
A printable report for the meal.
The food can be cumulate to form a meal.
Initial release. Logo

Last changes: September 4th 2007.